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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-21merged with upstreamHEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2024-03-23test: add basic bats setup and test cases for `version setup`upstreamMasterLevente Polyak
2024-03-23fix(version): do not prompt for input on terminal during checkLevente Polyak
2024-03-23feat(version): add command to automatically detect and setup nvcheckerJelle van der Waa
2024-03-15src/makechrootpkg: Ensure git doesn't ask for credentialsTasos Sahanidis
2024-03-09doc(man): fix cut off page names by switching to modern asciidoctorLevente Polyak
2024-03-09fix(drop-from-repo): avoid Git trying to push tags to the AURCaleb Maclennan
2024-03-09fix(pkgctl): skip path arguments that are not directoriesMorten Linderud
2024-03-08added more arch32 specific PKGBUILD patchingAndreas Baumann
2024-03-08disable parallel builds in MakefileAndreas Baumann
2024-03-08merged with upstream changesAndreas Baumann
2024-03-01Run makepkg with CARGO_REGISTRIES_CRATES_IO_PROTOCOL=sparseTasos Sahanidis
2024-03-01Revert "Preserve CARGO_REGISTRIES_CRATES_IO_PROTOCOL"Tasos Sahanidis
2024-03-01Remove duplicate line added by accidentTasos Sahanidis
2024-03-01Preserve CARGO_REGISTRIES_CRATES_IO_PROTOCOLTasos Sahanidis
2024-02-29fix(completion): allow multi opts more than once in zshLevente Polyak
2024-02-29feat(makepkg.conf): Add no-omit-frame-pointer flags by defaultFrederik “Freso” S. Olesen
2024-02-29fix(drop-from-repo): avoid error when updating remote headLevente Polyak
2024-02-15feat(offload-build): use rsync instead of scpOrhun Parmaksız
2024-02-14feat(makepkg.conf): Increase _FORTIFY_SOURCE level to 3kpcyrd
2024-02-14chore(release): version v1.1.1Levente Polyak
2024-02-14fix(common): ensure TERM is always set with a fallback to dumbLevente Polyak
2024-02-14feat(offload-build): preserve the TERM variableChristian Heusel
2024-02-14fix(common): check before using tput with a fallback for colorsChristian Heusel
2024-02-11fix(build): explicitly add --nosign when building a srcpkgJakub Klinkovský
2024-02-10doc: add pacman-contrib to optdeps in the READMEChristian Heusel
2024-02-09fix(build): forward target repo options to the release subcommandLevente Polyak
2024-02-09added a build-support-manualAndreas Baumann
2024-02-08fix(build): avoid trying to download none existing debug packagesLevente Polyak
2024-02-08doc: add curl to the dependencies in the READMEChristian Heusel
2024-02-08chore(release): version v1.1.0Christian Heusel
2024-02-08fix(build): allow unstable repositories to override repo targetLevente Polyak
2024-02-08feat(build): consolidate repo flags in build and release subcommandLevente Polyak
2024-02-06feat(build): allow to test-install the built packagesChristian Heusel
2024-02-06feat(search): add status spinner to long running GitLab callsLevente Polyak
2024-02-05fix(doc): Correct typo in version check error messageCarl Smedstad
2024-02-05fix(version): Handle pkgbase with '.' correctlyCarl Smedstad
2024-02-05fix(version): fix typo never should be newerJelle van der Waa
2024-01-22doc(version): extensively revamp documentation for version subcommandsLevente Polyak
2024-01-22feat(version): use exit code for check to indicate out-of-date versionsLevente Polyak
2024-01-22feat(version): add verbose option to display up-to-date versionsLevente Polyak
2024-01-22feat(version): add spinner while checking upstream versionsLevente Polyak
2024-01-22feat(term): add terminal utils to handle a dynamic spinnerLevente Polyak
2024-01-21feat(version): pretty print and group together version check resultsLevente Polyak
2024-01-21feat(version): support nvchecker keyfile from user config homeLevente Polyak
2024-01-21fix(version): add error handling to version check subcommandLevente Polyak
2024-01-21feat(upgrade): introduce the version upgrade subcommandChristian Heusel
2024-01-21chore(check): factor out function to get upstream versionChristian Heusel
2024-01-21chore(build): factor out functions to modify PKGBUILDsChristian Heusel
2024-01-18chore(search): correct typo in optional dependency batLevente Polyak