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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
abaMerge branch 'upstreamMaster' into abaAndreas Baumann4 days
archlinuxewearchbuild: do not run namcap by default, eitherErich Eckner15 months
i486Merge branch 'master' into i486Andreas Baumann4 years
masterfix quoting in Makefile: single quotes don't like line breaksErich Eckner2 months
pentium4setting setarch architecture with new variable (for pentium4)Andreas Baumann3 years
upstreamMasterVersion 20220621Levente Polyak8 weeks
v20220607commit 0b93b9d597...Erich Eckner2 months
20220207commit a17c9c6a70...Levente Polyak6 months
20220126commit 648ab0ad5e...Levente Polyak7 months
20211129commit 412d032c26...Levente Polyak8 months
archlinuxewe-20210225.1commit 3fa7b2a8f5...Erich Eckner18 months
v20210225.1commit 8e36f037bb...Erich Eckner18 months
v20210225commit 45eff9274f...Erich Eckner18 months
archlinuxewe-20210225commit 830a13ed76...Erich Eckner18 months
v20210202commit 31d8555e83...Erich Eckner18 months
archlinuxewe-20210202commit aaf35e20c9...Erich Eckner18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-06-07fix quoting in Makefile: single quotes don't like line breaksHEADv20220607masterErich Eckner
2022-06-07patch out -fcf-protection from makepkg.conf for i486 and i686Erich Eckner umount -l left-over mounts inside the to-be-deleted chrootErich Eckner
2022-06-07pentium4 newErich Eckner
2022-06-07arch-nspawn: also parse our mirror layout (http[s]://mirror.url/path/$arch/$r...Erich Eckner
2022-06-07makechrootpkg & mkarchroot: init and populate keyringsErich Eckner
2022-06-07introduce i486 as wellErich Eckner
2022-06-07makechrootpkg: bend to allow running solely namcap via "*-build -- -- --verif...Erich Eckner set pacman cache dir to /var/cache/archbuild32 in case of non-x...Erich Eckner
2022-06-07pacman-staging-i686.conf, pacman-testing-i686.conf, pacman-staging-with-build...Erich Eckner