BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastermirrorlist.php: increased cutoffAndreas Baumann5 weeks
upstream-lookalikeindex.php: access via IPv4 - it times out on IPv6Erich Eckner20 months
v20180503commit 0eceb8c7bb...Erich Eckner2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-09-13mirrorlist.php: increased cutoffHEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2020-09-11mirrorlist.php: using a comong cutoff for mirrorsAndreas Baumann
2020-08-09fixed (?) magnet linksAndreas Baumann
2020-08-04download/index.html: new isos (2020.08.04)Erich Eckner
2020-08-02disabled magnet links and removed Japanese mirrorAndreas Baumann
2020-07-03download/index.html: new isos (2020.07.03)Erich Eckner
2020-06-19lib/style.php: fix copyright yearErich Eckner
2020-06-12packages/pkginfo.php: add link to build-list, tooErich Eckner
2020-06-01download/index.html: new isos (2020.06.01)Erich Eckner
2020-05-06packages/pkginfo.php: cache reachability for 30 seconds instead of 5 minutesErich Eckner