Archlinux32 package and build system information interface
Erich Eckner 296cf837d2 pool.php: only offer mirror of correct IP version 1 week ago
buildmaster buildmaster/index.php: add missing linebreak 1 month ago
download link to$sub instead of $ 4 months ago
lib lib/http.php: redirect_temporarily($uri) new 1 week ago
packages packages/pkginfo.php: architecture of substitute must match, too! 1 month ago
pkgapi pkgapi: knows about pentium4, now 2 months ago
static rss overview page done 4 months ago
.gitignore .gitignore new: log should not be in git 6 months ago
LICENSE add license 2 years ago clean up merge of website - probably not yet functional 4 months ago
architecture.php pentium4 is now functional 2 months ago
favicon.ico favicon.ico: symlink to static/favicon 4 months ago
feeds.php feed.php -> feeds.php 3 weeks ago
groups.php groups.php: change parsing of url 3 weeks ago
index.php index.php: do not check certificate of 1 week ago
init.php init.php: do not try to decode %## - it should never appear in valid queries - simply delete it 2 months ago
mirrorlist.php mirrorlist.php now in / 4 months ago
mirrors.php mirrors.php: redirect from human-readable to json for now 3 weeks ago
pool.php pool.php: only offer mirror of correct IP version 1 week ago


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