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  Andrea Scarpino 6f926532e7 new isos 9 months ago
  Erich Eckner c8b8595045 new isos 1 year ago
  Simon Doppler 98f880c042
Torrent update: 2018.07.01 1 year ago
  Tyler D 1b87e82bd3
Prevent 'Home' link from being highlighted on 'Download' page 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 672741392c index.html: move image to avoid scrolling for information 1 year ago
  Tyler D cacab13073
Change download page to show current on navbar 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner b2dadd08f9 README.md: say, we moved to git.archlinux32.org 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 3e66680164 github.com -> git.archlinux32.org 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 67cc1af3fe download/index.html: new mirror 1 year ago
  Simon Doppler b2d5d9451e
June ISOs torrents 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner af275feaff new isos 1 year ago
  Simon Doppler 0503a85851
downloads/index.html: add "Packages" in navbar 1 year ago
  deep-42-thought c2975011d1
Merge pull request #6 from injust/patch-1 1 year ago
  Justin Su dd252ae2ec
Fix a typo 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 2a3d2b68c0 download/index.html: fix link labels 1 year ago
  Simon Doppler 6fe1b53fe9 Torrent for 2018.05.01 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 7dac7f6ff8 download/index.html: may iso 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 6c194da5fe index.html: add "Packages" in navbar 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 75a20470c6 download/index.html: new iso released 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 3155c50b17 download/index.html: update for march (umm, we are late) 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner c3563825b2 download/index.html: shift package archive up 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 3871dfafd2 download/index.html: add link to archive 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner ca0b6dd86a index.html: #archlinux-ports -> #archlinux32 1 year ago
  Simon Doppler b2720c13ee March update for torrents 1 year ago
  Simon Doppler a006a1bea0 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:archlinux32/website 1 year ago
  Simon Doppler 56bf2dbb47 new isos: torrent and magnets (2018.02.01) 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 0c784faed7 download/index.html: update mirrorlist 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 5f07afbde5 new iso links 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner adaa3cf016 download/index.html: new instruction to install archlinux32-keyring separately as some vital packages are signed by abaumanns key which is not in archlinux32-keyring-transition 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 32e92ed1e8 download/index.html: run update-website 1 year ago
  Simon Doppler fc81b5d476 New torrent and magnets for 2018.01.01 1 year ago
  Simon Doppler 102b60d038 Fix typo in magnet link 1 year ago
  Simon Doppler 1a25f8949c new isos: torrent links 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 407e1f5a64 download/index.html: new isos 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 579a475bae index.html: add hint tot transition notes 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner f0d8199671 download/index.html: change navbar, too 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 6b29528622 index.html: add link to bugtracked, fix typo 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 302fb198d8 download/index.html: "pacman -Sc" should be run before and after transition 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner db50a12d51 download/index.html: reintroduce torrents 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 3e31412444 download/index.html: remove torrents (but keep magnet links) 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 5d7bf33446 download/index.html: new iso (all except torrents) 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 2094f38398 download/index.html: new torrents & magnet links for october isos 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner b2e04dfdab download/index.html: update info for new iso 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 2ae874ba50 index.html: s/coming soon// -- we are operational 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner b24ae87bac download/index.html: update instructions for new archlinux32-keyring-transition package 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner 9271bf8e83 download: new torrents 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner a41181f1e3 download/index.html: new iso 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner 30e0ef115f download/index.html: add note about signature mismatch in cache 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner f0da94e47a download/index.html: whitespace change 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner fbefbd63de add mirrors to download page 2 years ago