Tools for building 32-bit archlinux packages from's official, 64-bit tested PKGBUILDs et al.

Updated 1 day ago

Archlinux32 package and build system information interface

Updated 2 days ago

Package customizations and pure-i686 packages

Updated 7 hours ago

Keys to sign packages and repositories for archlinux32

Updated 1 year ago

This Repository is now obsolete - the corresponding tools are now managed in archlinux32/archweb32 (former: Tools for the web frontend)

Updated 5 days ago

Scripts and configuration related to release engineering

Updated 1 month ago

Fork of devtools from with small modifications to compile i486 and i686 from our repositories

Updated 2 days ago

A minimal IRC bot for logging channels

Updated 6 months ago

Fork of archiso from which still includes 32-bit in the cd

Updated 4 months ago

Scripts to build a fresh Archlinux32 using crosstool-ng

Updated 11 months ago

Fork of asp ( for the Archlinux32 project

Updated 4 months ago

Arch-boxes provides automated builds of the Arch Linux releases for different providers and post-processors

Updated 1 year ago

package customizations and pure-i686 packages

Updated 8 months ago

Updated 1 year ago

Fork of archlinux' pacman

Updated 3 days ago

fork of xyne's reflector for archlinux, with minor changes to work on archlinux32 upstream:

Updated 5 months ago

misc software and configuration for running the services

Updated 1 week ago

Fork of asp ( for the Archlinux32 project

Updated 6 months ago

Tools for the web frontend

Updated 9 months ago

docker images for Archlinux32

Updated 7 months ago