package customizations and pure-i686 packages

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  1. i686 bazel # reports are there for making 32-bit compile, see <a href="">upstream</a>
  2. i686 ceph # fails fatally in check() - see <a href="">FS32#21</a>
  3. i686 cuda # cuda 9.0 is 64-bit only
  4. i686 delve # currently no 32-bit support, see <a href="">upstream</a>
  5. i686 dotnet-core # not available for 32-bit on linux, see <a href="">here</a>
  6. i686 firefox-developer-edition # llvm segfaults, virtual memory issues (blacklisting may be temporary)
  7. i686 julia # /build/julia/src/julia/src/atomics.h:9:4: error: #error Julia can only be built for architectures above Pentium 4. Pass -march=pentium4, or set MARCH=pentium4 and ensure that -march is not passed separately with an older architecture.
  8. i686 linux-hardened # not <a href="">really useful</a> on i686 + hard to maintain
  9. i486 linux-pae # not useful - use i686 instead
  10. i686 libretro-citra # do not build, see FS32#23
  11. i686 libretro-mupen64plus # do not build, see FS32#23
  12. i686 libretro-parallel-n64 # do not build, see FS32#23
  13. i686 libretro-ppsspp # do not build, see FS32#23
  14. i686 libretro-desmume # do not build, see FS32#23
  15. i686 luxrays # does not compile on i686 - see FS#54960
  16. i686 mongodb # dropped support for 32-bit in version 3.4
  17. i686 nginx-mod-pagespeed # bundles a 64-bit only version of psol, doesn't build that way
  18. i686 nsjail # kafel has no 32-bit Intel support, see also <a href="">forum</a>
  19. i686 nvidia # dropped support after release 390:
  20. i686 nvidia-lts # see nvidia
  21. i686 nvidia-utils # see nvidia
  22. i686 opera # dropped 32-bit version in version 46.0.2597.26
  23. i686 opera-ffmpeg-codecs # as opera itself is blacklisted
  24. i686 ospray # "Your Embree build needs to support at least one ISA >= SSE4.1!"
  25. any ovmf # "ERROR: This package must be built under the x86_64 architecture.", UEFI for VMS, of little use anyway with 32-bit machines
  26. i686 parallel-netcdf-openmpi # requires MPI_Offset >= 8, which is not (yet?) possible on 32 bits - see
  27. i686 parity # "32-bit targets are not supported at the moment, You can use '32bit_opt_in' feature. See
  28. any pnetcdf-openmpi # "Building of PnetCDF cannot continue due to the size of MPI_Offset being less than 8 bytes. Please use an MPI library that supports large files. Abort."
  29. i686 python-openstacksdk # infinite looping on build slaves, might be temporary
  30. i686 python-pytorch # Gloo can only be built on 64-bit systems
  31. i686 qcef # contains CEF binaries (not current ones) for 64-bit and MIPS only, no 32-bit Intel. Discuss with the authors if you need it.
  32. i686 riscv64-linux-gnu-gcc # needs manual bootstrap - is it worth the effort?
  33. i686 riscv64-linux-gnu-glibc # see riscv64-linux-gnu-gcc
  34. i686 rubinius # Support for non-64bit platforms was deprecated 1 Jun 2016 and has now been removed. If non-64bit support is a critical feature for your application, please email
  35. i686 skia-sharp # does not provide a bin/gn for 32-bit Linux, see FS32#8
  36. i686 skia-sharp58 # does not provide a bin/gn for 32-bit Linux, see FS32#8
  37. i686 skia-sharp60 # does not provide a bin/gn for 32-bit Linux, see FS32#8
  38. i686 python-snowboy # not available for 32-bit Linux
  39. i686 tarantool # hand-crafted assembly code, see <a href="">upstream</a>
  40. i686 vc # "Unsupported target architecture 'i686'. No support_???.cpp file exists for this architecture", complain upstream if you need it
  41. i686 wiredtiger # WiredTiger requires a 64-bit build
  42. i686 zcash # <a href="">We don't yet support 32bit systems (and we won't by launch) but we can look into this after launch.</a>