package customizations and pure-i686 packages 1.5KB


This repository contains the customizations to packages needed to port them to i686 and/or our environment, as well as other package related informations. It is currently hosted on

  • There are subdirectories repository/package which contain new packages and customizations for existent packages to compile for i686 or adopt to our environment. In case, the files therein exist in the respective original package, the respective original package files are either appended (in case of PKGBUILD) or overwritten (for other files).
  • The file blacklist containes a list of packages which won't be built for Arch Linux 32 (because they can't be built for or are useless on i686). An entry in this file consist of an architecture and a pkgbase separated by a space. The given package will be black listed for all architectures less potent than the given one or, if "any" is given, for all architectures.
  • The file extra-from-multilib contains a list of packages which are in multilib for x86_64, but belong in extra (and not community) for i686.

Additional to the abovementioned changes to the package sources, the following changes are made automatically by the build master's mangle_pkgbuild() which should therefor not be committed here:

  • append architectures to arch array
  • append our sub_pkgrel
  • remove lib32- prefixes if present