Package customizations and pure-i686 packages
Andreas Baumann 47afd0a121 community/aubio: substitute $CARCH, not ${CARCH} 6 days ago
aubio community/aubio: substitute $CARCH, not ${CARCH} 6 days ago
bazel community/bazel: patching singlejar to build on 32-bit 1 year ago
binaryen community/binaryen: do not move libraries around on 32-bit 2 weeks ago
blender community/blender: remove cuda makedepends 1 year ago
bochs community/bochs: removed some broken line in the beginning 2 months ago
borg community/borg: tests rely on i686, not on $CARCH 3 weeks ago
botan community/botan: remove non-functional sed, add --cpu=i686 to avoid auto-detection bug on i486 11 months ago
broadcom-wl community/broadcom-wl: another CARCH pentium4 patch 3 weeks ago
broadcom-wl-dkms most patches for i686 should/can be applied for pentium4, too 5 months ago
calibre community/calibre: add CI=true to disable failing Bonjour testing 9 months ago
ceph community/ceph: fixed typo sha512sum(s) 1 year ago
ckermit community/ckermit: patch for _IO_file_flags 3 months ago
codeblocks community/codeblocks: add option to ./configure to find boost lib (in standard dir?) 1 year ago
consul community/consul: sed needs "-i" to make inline changes, whoops 1 year ago
dart community/dart: new version => new checksum 4 months ago
dbeaver community/dbeaver: bring back i686 specificness 1 year ago
dgen-sdl community/dgen-sdl: fixed nasm compilation 1 year ago
diffoscope community/diffoscope: pin java version to 8 for check 1 year ago
dolphin-emu community/dolphin-emu: fixed cmake patch 1 year ago
dtc community/dtc: bring back i686 specific patch 8 months ago
dwarffortress community/dwarffortress: update checksum 1 year ago
e3 community/e3: build for 32, not 64 ;-) 7 months ago
eclipse most patches for i686 should/can be applied for pentium4, too 5 months ago
electron community/electron, community/electron2: fix target_arch substitution 8 months ago
electron2 community/electron, community/electron2: fix target_arch substitution 8 months ago
embree community/embree: increased max ISA to SSE4.2 1 year ago
exa community/exa: patching Ascii deprecation (fixed upstream) 9 months ago
fig2dev community/fig2dev: the error message of the test suite seems different on i686 1 year ago
fio community/fio: removed ceph support 1 year ago
fpc community/fpc: there is not only "i686" 4 months ago
freebasic most patches for i686 should/can be applied for pentium4, too 5 months ago
gap community/gap: fixed the chrpath patch, sed didnt match anymore 5 months ago
gitlab community/gitlab: pin posix-spawn version to 0.13.2 1 year ago
gitlab-runner community/gitlab-runner: "amd64" -> "386" 1 year ago
glfw "${arch[@]}" -> "${arch[*]}" in sed-fu 10 months ago
go community/go: fix GOARCH replacing 5 months ago
grafana community/grafana: fixed path of generated binaries 1 year ago
handbrake community/handbrake: disabled X.265 and added arch i686 flag 1 year ago
haskell-gauge community/haskell-gauge: temporarily disable failing verbose/not quick test 1 year ago
haskell-hedgehog community/haskell-hedgehog: fix typo 1 year ago
haskell-hslua community/haskell-hslua: disable check() 1 year ago
haskell-hslua-module-text community/haskell-hslua-module-text: disable tests, too 1 year ago
haskell-microlens-aeson community/haskell-microlens-aeson: disable test suite until issue is resolved upstream 7 months ago
haskell-servant-swagger community/haskell-servant-swagger: check should not be sensitive to order 1 year ago
heaptrack community/heaptrack: backported 32-bit fixes to 1.1.0 1 year ago
helm community/helm: patch for glibc 2.26 and __sigemptyset 1 year ago
jsampler community/jsampler: force java version for compilation 1 year ago
julia community/julia: set MARCH and -march also for package_julia, not just for build 1 year ago
keybase community/keybase: fix typo/stupidity 7 months ago
kodi community/kodi: pin java version to 8 1 year ago
ksh community/ksh: fix regex 1 month ago
lbzip2 community/lbzip2: add hotfix 10 months ago
libantlr3c community/libantlr3c: do not enable 64bit in configure call 1 year ago
libfaketime community/libfaketime: add hotfix 10 months ago
libnids community/libnids: redone patch and tested dsniff (which works now) 1 year ago
libretro-blastem community/libretro-mupen64plus: bring back i686 specific stuff 1 year ago
libretro-mupen64plus community/libretro-mupen64plus: makedepends on nasm? 1 year ago
libretro-pcsx-rearmed community/libretro-pcsx-rearmed: fixed sha256 sum 1 year ago
libvirt community/libvirt: fix quoting for new pacman version 1 year ago
mame community/mame: mame64 -> mame 1 year ago
mit-scheme most patches for i686 should/can be applied for pentium4, too 5 months ago
mixxx community/mixxx: xvfb-run lin32_build 2 weeks ago
mongo-c-driver extra/mongo-c-driver: remove mongodb checkdependency 1 year ago
mysql-workbench community/mysql-workbench: remove sha512sum 1 year ago
netcdf community/netcdf: disabled CDF5 (not supported for size_t<8) 8 months ago
netcdf-openmpi community/netcdf-openmpi: breaking the pnetcdf-openmpi cycle and disabling CDF5 8 months ago
nodejs-lts-dubnium community/nodejs-lts-dubnium: ignore failing tests 3 weeks ago
nvidia-cg-toolkit most patches for i686 should/can be applied for pentium4, too 5 months ago
opam community/opam: hotfix for missing ocaml-compiler-libs 1 year ago
openipmi community/openipmi: hotfix for FS#61289 8 months ago
openscenegraph community/openscenegraph: don't move libraries from /usr/lib64 to /usr/lib on 32-bit 1 year ago
openscenegraph34 community/openscenegraph34: apply same patch as in openscenegraph in package() (move lib->lib64) 9 months ago
pacman-contrib community/pacman-contrib: fix (FS32#47) 1 year ago
pandoc community/pandoc: disable check() - it runs out of memory 1 year ago
percona-server community/percona-server: enable debug mode, code breaks under optimization (the errmsg generator at least) 1 week ago
pifpaf community/pifpaf: removed ceph support 1 year ago
ponyc community/ponyc: accept failing tests 4 months ago
postgrest community/postgrest: disabled testing for now, see FS32#28 1 year ago
proselint community/proselint: forced checksum 6 months ago
pypy community/pypy: disabled checks for i486 (same as for pypy3) 8 months ago
pypy3 community/pypy3: disabled testing on i486, kills build slaves 10 months ago
python-autobahn community/python-autobahn: disabled testing 2 months ago
python-docs community/python-docs: ignore checksum - it's changinging too often 1 year ago
python-factory-boy community/python-factory-boy: removed mongodb from checkdepends 1 year ago
python-faker community/python-faker: fix regex 7 months ago
python-hypothesis community/python-hypothesis: new source layout (how often does that change???) 1 year ago
python-iwlib most patches for i686 should/can be applied for pentium4, too 5 months ago
python-libnacl community/python-libnacl new 2 years ago
python-mongoengine community/python-mongoengine: skip test - we do not have mongodb 1 year ago
python-openmdao community/python-openmdao: disable hanging tests 2 months ago
python-pip-bootstrap community/python-pip-bootstrap: new version => new checksum 3 weeks ago
python-pysocks clean up several dependency-removal-patches whose dependencies are now available 8 months ago
python-scipy community/python-scipy: do not overwrite upstream prepare() 7 months ago
python-tqdm community/python-tqdm: workaround for failing check 1 year ago
qcad community/qcad: checksum changed ... again, again and again ... 5 months ago
reflector community/reflector: new version => new checksum 5 months ago
riot community/keybase, community/riot: fix typo 7 months ago
rxvt-unicode "${arch[@]}" -> "${arch[*]}" in sed-fu 10 months ago
scala community/scala: pin java version to "=8" instead of ">=8" 1 year ago
seamonkey community/seamonkey: fix for FS#63605 (string format can be null) 2 weeks ago
serialdv community/serialdv: /usr/lib64 -> /usr/lib 2 weeks ago
smali community/smali: pin java version to 8 1 year ago
smbnetfs community/smbnetfs: new temporary fix 5 months ago
sonic-visualiser community/sonic-visualiser: relax constraints for test 1 year ago
spring community/spring: gold-linker.patch removed upstream 1 year ago
squid community/squid: fixed a double == 10 months ago
stratisd community/stratisd: set arch of build-target correctly 8 months ago
subdownloader community/subdownloader: proper fixing, patching for running check() 1 year ago
teamspeak3 community/teamspeak3: updated checksums and blacklisted on i486 2 months ago
teamspeak3-server community/teamspeak3-server: updated checksum 2 months ago
teeworlds community/teeworlds: fix in packaging for 32-bit 9 months ago
tensorflow most patches for i686 should/can be applied for pentium4, too 5 months ago
thrift community/thrift: boost is not found on i686 - why is that ? 1 year ago
v2ray community/v2ray: disabled testing, blocking 11 months ago
vamp-aubio-plugins community/vamp-aubio-plugins: fix stupid typo 1 year ago
vault community/vault: build for 386, not amd64 1 year ago
vbam community/vbam: added nasm as make dependency 1 year ago
virtualbox community/virtualbox: do sysctl manually 1 year ago
virtualbox-modules-arch community/virtualbox-modules-arch: fixed for pentium4 CARCH 2 months ago
wireguard-arch community/wireguard-arch: pentium4 is i686 for dkms 2 months ago
wireguard-lts community/wireguard-lts: fixed kernel module location for pentium4 3 months ago