29 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Erich Eckner 3a505e4c94 bin/nit-picker: really check build duration only once a day 14 hours ago
  Erich Eckner 4caf7ceb7c bin/nit-picker: only warn about long-running builds once per day 22 hours ago
  Erich Eckner 492394371b bin/nit-picker: check for long-running builds 1 day ago
  Erich Eckner a97364bc3d bin/nit-picker: `git fetch` before complaining about a HEAD not being ahead of some commit 3 weeks ago
  Erich Eckner 17b037e17b bin/nit-picker: ignore rsync errors - it simply means, our information is outdated 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner 23512eacd8 bin/nit-picker: whoops, undo commenting 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner 61330b44bd bin/nit-picker: silence "gpg: WARNING: unsafe ownership on homedir '/etc/pacman.d/gnupg'" 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner 068754e196 bin/nit-picker: check packager-keys, too 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner 1daf76e9fc update TODOs 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner e18dcc7f2b bin/nit-picker: re-fetch HEAD before complaining 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner c16825172d bin/nit-picker: show build date of wrong package 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner b426ea2edd bin/nit-picker: allow to run a single check 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner 687d1dba5d lib/common-functions: extract_dependencies_from_package(): output to stdout 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner 5201163ec2 bin/nit-picker,lib/common-functions: separate extract_dependencies_from_package() for external reuse 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner f5a1267809 bin/nit-picker: convert dependencies to lower case 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner 1d703dcbb8 bin/nit-picker: ignore pkgrel and sub_pkgrel on dependencies 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner 28ff3566e0 bin/nit-picker: do not abort when -n and ii not running 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner 0e5f6cfe43 bin/nit-picker: fix parsing bug 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner cc89a2abea bin/nit-picker: sponge magic does not work properly - use irc_say 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner 60e7ab278c bin/nit-picker: check if commit is ahead of HEAD 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner 0eaebfdbf9 bin/nit-picker: repair irc-pm submission 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner 6b88dd87d0 bin/nit-picker: do not flood channel with broken-dependencies messages 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner 8e023b2932 bin/nit-picker: check dependency discrepancies between package and mysql database 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner c6214285b1 bin/nit-picker: ii may not run when -n 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner 3aba0aefe8 bin/nit-picker: make irc optional (for testing purposes) 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner 0c16f57f82 bin/nit-picker: update git repos before complaining about missing commits 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner 952bf4fb6f bin/nit-picker: actually talk on irc 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner 14fb543095 bin/nit-picker: remove debug output 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner 139a925c1a bin/nit-picker: begun 2 months ago