48 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Erich Eckner b83ad7f167 bin/interpret-mail: fix help text 1 week ago
  Erich Eckner c9f55c95cb style: WHERE,ON,FROM,SELECT,JOIN should be on beginning of source lines 8 months ago
  Erich Eckner 66e5a09a9d bin/get-package-updates,bin/interpret-mail,bin/slave-build-connect: "INSERT INTO" -> "INSERT IGNORE INTO" 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 274e721f82 bin/interpret-mail: "delete-from-build-support" new 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 0b072196bb bin/interpret-mail: fix typo in help text 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 6109a2d4ff bin/interpret-mail: document "delete:" 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner c47b7b7189 bin/interpret-mail: can now delete packages 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner ec1bac6428 bin/interpret-mail can now prioritize build assignments 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner de9728267e bin/interpret-mail: reorder tasks alphabetically 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 8d9bffeee6 bin/interpret-mail: clarify copy-to-build-support help message 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner ae5055cb78 bin/interpret-mail: add TODO 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 80103377b7 conf/default.conf -> lib/load-configuration; conf/local.conf -> conf/{common,master,slave}.conf 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 61b1a16507 lib/mysql-functions: mysql_package_name_query make table names customizable 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 77e0643578 bin/interpret-mail: fix mysql queries 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner ae25c307af remove conf/admin-gpg-keys and all traces 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 250b639766 bin/interpret-mail: save log to database 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 8db7e5acbe run shellchek in same dir as script 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 9d9efcad1d bin/interpret-mail: wait for locks on actions 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner ddb5d33d2e bin/interpret-mail: escape linefeed 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner b90c2a7164 bin/interpret-mail: accept "\" as line break escaper 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 95f58cb2eb bin/modify-package-state: report, what has been done (so bin/interpret-mail reports correctly, too) 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner c3279084e8 bin/interpret-mail: add TODO 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 96a254701d bin/interpret-mail: copy-to-build-support new 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner dc6742f7c7 bin/interpret-mail: reorder help alphabetically 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 8d3d7cabda add many mysql-TODOs 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 633a9409ae put name of creating script into name of temporary directories 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 019fdbd77a bin/interpret-mail: output something if no valid records found, too 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 5ff49f3d6f bin/interpret-mail: remove TODO 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 52b93f6ad2 bin/interpret-mail: action "schedule" new; bin/seed-build-list: bail out early if no arguments, print scheduled packages (even if -n not given) 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 3f8e603f63 bin/interpret-mail: fix not-yet-relevant bug 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner e80bb690ef bin/interpret-mail: add TODO 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 14590791ed bin/interpret-mail: add TODO 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 5ed02366d1 bin/block-package -> bin/modify-package-state ("--tested" new) 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 92333c45b0 bin/interpret-mail: be quiet if nothing was done without error 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 2a0ee7c76a bin/sanity-check, bin/return-assignment, bin/interpret-mail: state-file suffix "tested" new 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 8a8d2d7644 bin/interpret-mail: make "err" local 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner 6dc42ff6e8 bin/interpret-mail: log errors and infos 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner ac46c928bc bin/interpret-mail: add newline(s) at end of mail 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner d087b8b30a bin/interpret-mail: be less restrictive about PGP layout 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner ae05b79ccc bin/interpret-mail: remove linebreaks (more) correctly 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner ab3dd8fcfe bin/interpret-mail: repair line breaks 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner 2af969d5ec bin/interpret-mail: remove automatic line breaks from email body 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner 5f97ea17ae bin/interpret-mail: add help text 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner 273f445886 bin/block-package new, bin/interprete-mail can now also block/unblock packages 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner c904288842 bin/interpret-mail: all mails are multipart :-) 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner 7bdbbbc17b bin/interpret-mail: print found signatures 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner 71c8b32939 bin/interpret-mail: require a valid signature from an admin to do anything 2 years ago
  Erich Eckner 491308bd49 bin/interpret-mail: new for interpreting email-driven commands 2 years ago