298 Commits (master)

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  Erich Eckner 3a6514859b bin/get-package-updates: remove obsolete TODOs 2 weeks ago
  Erich Eckner 3cd0039964 bin/get-package-updates: blacklist architectures need expansion 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner 9ff726e961 bin/get-package-updates: ignore apparent deletions due to renames in blacklisting 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner ff57fff0ea bin/get-package-updates: remove TODO 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner 5447867ea4 bin/get-package-updates: lib32-* should always be deleted 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner 8b3300ebba bin/get-package-updates: blacklist all blacklist packages if -n given 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner 1c56838b12 bin/get-package-updates: blacklist layout has changed - we need to change extraction of blacklist reasons, too 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner 42e0c5c69f bin/get-package-updates: remove empty line 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner 6e4da7ba40 bin/get-package-updates: change layout of blacklist 1 month ago
  Erich Eckner 1c7a63ff2b bin/get-package-updates: use `git pull --ff-only` instead of `git update remotes` on non-bare source repo 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner 5adcdd39b1 bin/get-package-updates: be more verbose during blacklisting step 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner 84b544b44d bin/get-package-updates: do not count packages blacklisted on i486 as blacklisted 2 months ago
  Erich Eckner adbb9bb90f bin/get-package-updates: make rescheduling logic apply to our sources, too 4 months ago
  Erich Eckner 96a72d118f bin/get-package-updates: remove unnecessary name match of architecture 4 months ago
  Erich Eckner 4ee0c25806 bin/get-package-updates: increase threashold of allowed blacklisted packages to 2k 5 months ago
  Erich Eckner 9f902ea973 bin/get-package-updates: check, that we do not go back in time 5 months ago
  Erich Eckner ceab9cd198 bin/get-package-updates: add option -r to use recent modifications commit even though -d is active 5 months ago
  Erich Eckner d6d75b5b42 bin/get-package-updates: add todo 5 months ago
  Erich Eckner f0c847ea1a bin/get-package-updates 6 months ago
  Erich Eckner c9f55c95cb style: WHERE,ON,FROM,SELECT,JOIN should be on beginning of source lines 8 months ago
  Erich Eckner 418488c66f bin/get-package-updates: mark last mysql query as "unimportant" 11 months ago
  Erich Eckner 37c7733be6 bin/get-package-updates: fix bug preventing packages32 changes triggering package updates 11 months ago
  Erich Eckner 6c04e87435 bin/get-package-updates: more output 11 months ago
  Erich Eckner 21ae7d910f bin/get-package-updates: repair marking-as-blacklisted 11 months ago
  Erich Eckner a379821519 bin/get-package-updates: update TODOs 11 months ago
  Erich Eckner 66e5a09a9d bin/get-package-updates,bin/interpret-mail,bin/slave-build-connect: "INSERT INTO" -> "INSERT IGNORE INTO" 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner be86f11c36 bin/get-package-updates: put trigger_rebuild_on_any_file_sed_expression into a file - it's too long for the command line 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 2822716112 bin/get-package-updates: do not print old_repo_revision in intermediate pipe 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 5968de28c8 lib/mysql-functions: let `commit_time` unset in mysql_add_package_source() -- whoops, I forgot most of the files 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner d5e3e6b994 do not delete lock files 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 6a3b49ae66 bin/build-packages,bin/check-mirrors,bin/get-package-updates: "git fetch origin master:master" only works for bare repositories - use "git remote update" for non-bare ones 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner c5c27eb501 bin/build-packages,bin/check-mirrors,bin/get-package-updates: "git remote update" -> "git fetch origin master:master" 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner b86d5109e0 bin/get-package-updates: remove done TODO 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner fe1fdabaef bin/get-package-updates -i|--ignore-insanity new 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 2c8c6f169b bin/get-package-updates: add TODO 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 7a05d7e44a bin/get-package-updates, bin/seed-build-list: removal of old packages requires run of mysql_find_build_assignment_loops first 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 525dddfd24 lib/mysql-functions: mysql_query_remove_old_binary_packages_from_build_list() new 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner a06fade410 bin/seed-build-list, bin/get-package-updates: sort versions if necessary 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 2d1d217168 bin/get-package-updates: update TODO 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 77a2e1d0e8 bin/get-package-updates: fixup: finding a deleted package in _archlinux32_ is not enough to leave the loop - we might find it upstream, too 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 4078c10b4b bin/get-package-updates: finding a deleted package in archlinux32 is not enough to leave the loop - we might find it upstream, too 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 4bf8a71f64 bin/get-package-updates: fix bug when deleting a package 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner c817a6425e bin/get-package-updates: whoops, `bl` is now `blacklist` 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 3fd6b22f5a bin/get-package-updates: repair inserting of blacklist reasons 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner a3f8f41f23 bin/get-package-updates: legacy-blacklist-parsing removed 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 49727af5d8 bin/get-package-updates: blacklisting is now done by a stored procedure 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner ebee7685d5 bin/get-package-updates: remove done TODO 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner efd5c746a3 bin/get-package-updates: blacklist allows now to specify an architecture 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 9657de02c8 bin/get-package-updates: add TODO 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 86207d6435 bin/get-package-updates: use 'LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE "%s" INTO TABLE `%s`' instead of 'INSERT IGNORE INTO `%s` VALUES ...' 1 year ago