189 Commits (master)

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  Erich Eckner e90bee98c2 bin/db-update: -o|--only new 3 weeks ago
  Erich Eckner 2b0f8d0f53 bin/db-update: show names instead of ids for nothing-to-do repository-stability combinations 3 months ago
  Erich Eckner 118c5273e6 bin/db-update: remove done TODO 3 months ago
  Erich Eckner da7a6f8dde bin/db-update: operate on a per-arch and per-stability basis 4 months ago
  Erich Eckner 72977bae35 bin/db-update: add TODO 4 months ago
  Erich Eckner a8eb18abe0 bin/db-update: ADDDATE(x,-y) -> SUBDATE(x,y) 8 months ago
  Erich Eckner c9f55c95cb style: WHERE,ON,FROM,SELECT,JOIN should be on beginning of source lines 8 months ago
  Erich Eckner 8d58bec924 bin/db-update -p: consider the stability of the repos 8 months ago
  Erich Eckner 4b64966662 bin/db-update: name tables 8 months ago
  Erich Eckner cd71ffe67d bin/db-update -p: care about versions, too 8 months ago
  Erich Eckner f1c3315bdd bin/db-update: add another TODO 8 months ago
  Erich Eckner 8a89d48372 bin/db-update: add TODO 8 months ago
  Erich Eckner 1f47da1679 bin/db-update: add some comments 8 months ago
  Erich Eckner fb84914829 bin/db-update -p: moved packages may replace packages in other repositories of same stability - check for that, too, when checking for packages that replace nothing when moved 8 months ago
  Erich Eckner 5d81fd88bb bin/db-update: some safeguard: do not "find -delete" w/o "-xdev" 8 months ago
  Erich Eckner cac5c33f06 bin/db-update: -f|--force takes $arch/$repo/$pkgname instead of $binary_packages_in_repositories.id now 10 months ago
  Erich Eckner 31fef3a3e9 bin/db-update: update TODO 11 months ago
  Erich Eckner 0eae9c3f89 lib/common-functions: failsafe_rsync() new 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 6d10a24d55 lib/common-functions: failsafe_sftp() new 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner eca654f372 bin/db-update: -i|--ignore-insanity new 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 83d0e54d77 bin/db-update: fix typo 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 687d964e3b bin/db-update: only mark packages in testing as tested after ${max_testing_duration} 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner ef40561a3c mark packages without bug reports as tested after some time (default: 2 weeks) 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 7d7be2ea8e bin/db-update: FROM_stability - not TO_stability 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner deb7275013 bin/db-update: the OLD dependencies must be broken - not the NEW! 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 1433976802 lib/common-functions: recompress_gz() new to recompress databases before sending, so they are transferred faster by rsync 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 7076434dfb bin/db-update: do not remove db entries with "-n" 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner f6ecdd3ed4 bin/db-update: fix table names in query 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 32c7c136cd bin/db-update: remove obsolete mangling of sub_pkgrel - the database knows wether it is omitted 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner d93a256e5e bin/db-update,bin/bootstrap-mysql: replaced packages may be in a differen, but equally-stable repository 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner bab7106bbd bin/db-update: "i686" -> $arch 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 975cec1f95 calculate_maximal_moveable_set now uses the stability-id instead of its name 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 3758d41eb1 bin/db-update: do not lock if -n 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner b8d3584220 bin/db-update: fix mysql query 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 73bbe08b85 bin/db-update: fix mysql query 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 98d4655aba bin/db-update, bin/bootstrap-mysql: move packages based on binary_packages_in_repositories 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner e0c167a659 make `binary_packages`.`is_to_be_deleted` and `binary_packages`.`last_moved` obsolete; cleanup some queries 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 8dde526290 fill new columns in `binary_packages_in_repositories`, too 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner e10413d782 bin/db-update: remove done TODO 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 8cac4808a8 bin/db-update: do not write `binary_packages`.`repository` 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner ae3074f665 bin/db-update: do not read `binary_packages`.`repository` 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 8aeca71942 lib/mysql-functions: make mysql_join_binary_packages_repositories and mysql_join_repositories_binary_packages obsolete 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 80103377b7 conf/default.conf -> lib/load-configuration; conf/local.conf -> conf/{common,master,slave}.conf 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 0be03e8056 verbose_flock new: it calls flock and reports about blocking processes on error 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 429656ed25 bin/db-update,bin/delete-packages,bin/get-package-updates -b|--block -> -w|--wait to unitise flags 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 6e95edd0ce bin/db-update: keep binary_packages_in_repositories up to date 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 149b359926 bin/db-update: add TODO 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 61b1a16507 lib/mysql-functions: mysql_package_name_query make table names customizable 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 0dc5104fae add several todos 1 year ago
  Erich Eckner 4e708195f1 bin/db-update,bin/return-assignment: update `binary_packages`.`last_moved` 1 year ago