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asp32 is a fork of asp to work with the Archlinux32 packages. It is currently hosted on The original for Archlinux can be found at

asp32 is a tool to manage the build source files used to create Arch Linux packages. It replaces the abs tool, offering more up to date sources (via the svntogit repositories) and uses a sparse checkout model to conserve diskspace. This probably won't be interesting to users who want a full checkout (for whatever reason that may be).


None! Though, it should be noted that the ASPROOT environment variable will control where asp32 keeps its local git repo. By default, this is ${XDG_CACHE_HOME:-$HOME/.cache}/asp32.


Get the source files for some packages:

asp32 export pacman testing/systemd extra/pkgfile

Get a fully functional git checkout of a single package:

asp32 checkout pkgfile

List the repositories a package has been pushed to:

asp32 list-repos pacman